Death and Renewal

ImageYesterday, I experienced a death of sorts.   I have been struggling with fears in my life caused by my ego, and realized that my fears have hurt the people in my life as well as myself.  My fears have triggered my instinct to run away based on my perceived rejections and fear of failure.

This death was recognizing the ego’s causes, and my reactions to it by allowing this behavior to die.  I surrendered to the Universe of the outcomes in my life, and know that everything will be okay.  These fears and my subsequent reactions of panic and hurt no longer serve me.  I am letting it all go like a death, and deep within me I know that it must be a death of my ego.

I cried as if I was at a funeral leaving behind the familiar old patterns of behaviors, and said my goodbyes to them.  Apparently, my ego death will come in phases and will recede gradually instead of the Dark Night of the Soul that sounds somewhat frightening to me.

How appropriate that yesterday was Easter Sunday when all this happened? I can rejoice in the renewal of my life by surrendering my past old patterns of behavior that no longer serve me.  Now, I move forward as if on the precipice of a mountain where I can see for infinite miles, and view my world with a renewed perspective.  May peace be with you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spiriti with All Rights Reserved)

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