Heal Depression and Anxiety through Meditation


As human kind has progressed, we spend more and more time in our intellectual knowledge.  This knowledge is in the form of thoughts in our minds largely created by our left brains.  Unfortunately, we as a specie have come to identify ourselves with our thoughts directed by the left brain that is more associated with ego.

By associating with these thoughts, we come to identify with ego who is centered around controlling outcomes, others, and our environment. This is not a judgment that left brain activities are bad, but merely that human progress has become off balanced, where we connect less with our right brain activities involving the intuitive, holistic, and spiritual.


As I discussed in my earlier post on “Our Neuropathways affect Spiritual Consciousness,” our physical wiring of the brain is effected by our thoughts moving through it.  During periods of sustained attention, neurons will wire together to create neuropathways directly affecting what we experience in our lives.  Therefore, if our thoughts are based in controlling outcomes, others, and our environment, then our brain will physically be wired in this way.  As a result, we will experience the need for more control in our lives.

Because of our need for control, many may feel depression and anxiety for our failures to control our lives in the past, and the fear of being unable to control our futures. In order to change the pathways for our neurons, meditation can be used to change our neuropathways since it requires sustained attention.  Click HERE for how to meditate.

During meditation, I suggest working on separating from identifying with our egos, including the need to control outcomes, others, and our environment. Click HERE on how to identify ego.  During these periods of meditation, focus on positive thoughts, loving self, loving others unconditionally, feeling compassion, thoughts of kindness, feeling of self worth, connection to the Divine, feeling oneness with others, gratitude, acceptance, surrender, and living without expectations of outcome.

Good luck and see if meditation will help with your depression and anxiety.  Much love to you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalin Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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    1. I am so honored by your repost. Blessings and light, Brooke


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