Touched By the Divine


As I sat at breakfast in Cinque Terra, Italy, I found the Divine within while consciously observing without judgment my surroundings. It was an AHA moment that I felt my higher self and that we can access her at anytime by just being in the moment because this where she resides.
I healed my heart in Italy.  It is a place of warmth, generosity and hospitality, a place where the people wear their emotions on their sleeves.  I experienced these feelings when I was here among the Italian people.  Maybe these feelings are really within me that is then reflected back to me by the Italians.
My heart was filled with joy, love, and peace.  Here in the beautiful Italian Mediterranean, I did not feel alone or fear.  It was as if I was walking around in my own neighborhood. I found my way easily or others helped me figure it out.  I then helped others who were lost or needed help. We are truly one with all people, all things, and all places.  My heart is filled with such joy to know this.  I am Divine.
Everything I wanted and needed came to me quite easily and without effort.  I am flowing with the Universal flow of my higher purpose.  I have come home to me.  This was the purpose for my trip.  It was both an external journey and an internal one.
The sadness in my heart slowly melted away. It was as if I held my heart in my hands and allowed others to touch it. Whatever fears of those I love would harm me or wound my heart began to leave me.  The greatest change I experienced was the disappearance of fear.  This was the releasing of ego.
When we release this fear, we operate through the higher self and intuition.  We no longer identify with me and I.  As a result, we do not lament about how I was mistreated, or how could this have happened to me?  We no longer control others to what we believe to be right or the way we do things, with the only exception that we do no harm to others.  Ego separates us from them when we really are all connected in oneness. Namaste, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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