Late Bloomer


When we experience trauma as children, our emotional growths are stunted at the point in time of our trauma.  As we recover and heal from our wounds, we begin to blossoms into emotional adults.  With time, we grow into the person our souls are intended.

I am such a woman.  I have grown over the past two years to the woman that my soul intended me to be.  I feel completely differently than I earlier felt, fearful and frightened.  Emotionally timid, I used a tough exterior to protect myself from fear and harm.

As children, when we mature, we begin to feel independence from our authority figures in our lives, and we begin to walk alone and independently. This is where I am. This freedom brings me such joy and bliss, and I wear a smile on my face every day.  I feel such love for others, even those who hurt me, and I send them love freely.  This love resonates from my heart, and gives me such joy that I have never known before.

It is my time now after many years of pain and suffering.  It is my time to blossom and bloom into a full and complete woman that I will soon become.  My gratitude is infinite and deep from my heart and soul, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

4 responses to “Late Bloomer”

  1. How wonderful. It takes a lot of courage to become independent, particularly after a painful upbringing. In my own case it was difficult to even admit that my parents weren’t who I thought they were. To be able to work through the trauma and reach a point of joy and lightness in making the choice to love self and others is the most challenging process in this world, but it is one so many of us are asked to undertake. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


    1. Thanks for sharing your journey with me too. We are all here for the same purpose that is to overcome our hardships and heal ouselves. I am blessed to have all of you along with me as my companions. With love, Brooke


  2. Brooke I agree with every word that this article is saying and I would like to add something else to it life is so beautiful because as humans we are very powerful, through time we can truly overcome anything when we are ready to face it head on. Love is the greatest Gift there is in the world at the moment as you know. I agree the more we send love out into the world the more we recieve back. It is true that our childhood shapes us as people although if we as adults can see that the challenges that we faced as children have the ability to guide us to become much stronger adults who are so willing to give and recieve love on a daily basis. There is something else that I would like to share, when you can love with out fear and conditions that is very powerful. When we forgive the people who hurt us we are showing them so much love because we are the ones that have shown so much courage to forgive the person not the act of what they did to us. Love and forgiveness are so powerful.

    As a child I totaly feared my dad, because he physicaly and mentaly abused me along with my siblings and Mom, in Dad’s eyes he did nothing wrong, for many years I could not forgive Dad, although Mom always encouraged me to before she returned to Heaven. Last year Dad returned to Heaven, I forgave him enough to be with him while he was on his journey to Heaven and was with him when he crossed over. On February 14th last I totally forgave Dad along with letting go of all the anger and fear, this was a massive healing for me. Now as I begin the next part of the journey that is my life I am confident that love and forgiveness are so powerful, I am free to be who I am born to be. Love Light, Angel Blessings and a massive Hug Edel Marie


    1. Hi Edel, thank you for sharing your story with me. You have overcome so much in your life, and you are the strong and loving woman today, because of your past. We are all the same within, overcoming our hardships, and healing our pains. Along this path of healing, we return to our souls to find love within for ourselves and others. Love & hugs, Brooke


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