The Path of My Soul


I am spending Halloween weekend in New Orleans. This is such an interesting place with many psychics doing readings with taro cards, and palm readings. I had my taro card read by this sensitive young man. He asked me to ask a question and I asked when I will get to a place of attainment on my spiritual journey. This is what he told me that I have problems with authority figures in my life. Through a difficult and turbulent process, I will be questioning everything I have ever learned and believed in my life. I have been repeating the cycle for a very long time in my soul life, but this time I will be breaking this cycle.

He saw that I have been going through a process of change, but I will be going through a break through and to dive in, but don’t be afraid because I am strong enough to handle it. He said I am very close, and I will know what to do when I get through it as I should follow my higher self.

Much of this, I have known as I can feel the next stage right before I enter it, so I know what the next stage will feel like, but I just didn’t know how close I am to attainment. I am both apprehensive and excited about the challenges before me for my soul life is about to change forever. Sending love, Brooke  (Copyright 2013 Brooke Chang with all rights reserved)

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