Taking Back Our Power


We view our world and those in it through the lenses of our past emotional experiences.  Many of us experienced trauma or abuse as victims or children. We felt helpless, trapped, fearful, terrorized, hurt, and anger by our past experiences. Through our lenses, we re-experience our current life by circumstances or individuals who remind us of our past. In our current life, when we re-experience these situations or individuals, many of these same emotions re-emerge. During these experiences, we truly feel fear, helpless, trapped, terrorized, hurt, and anger.   However, these feelings are more what we believe to be true through the lenses we see then in reality.  When we give into this belief, we are giving away our power to others.

An example of this involved a former coworker who shared my supervisor.  She felt fear, trapped, and terrorized by this supervisor, so she fled from her job and left suddenly as she feared being fired.  As she tried to warn me about how dangerous and powerful this supervisor is, my response was that I agree that this person is emotionally troubled. However, this supervisor cannot hurt me or injury me as I choose to see this situation differently than her.  I explained that many of the people this supervisor fired have landed on their feet with others jobs, and are very happy now in their careers.

As she is like me in our emotional history because of her abuse by a former spouse and her alcoholic father, she sees the world through her lenses and believed her life to be in danger at her former job.  I believe this supervisor is brought into my life to show me that she cannot hurt me as I choose to take back my own power, and that I can protect myself now as an adult.  If I flee as I have done many times in the past, I will have missed another opportunity to learn how to take back my own power as a victim and abused child.   I also have a purpose at my job that I was sent here to do, and will leave when my work is done here on my schedule not on someone else’s.  Unfortunately, my coworker did not have this opportunity as her fears ruled her life.

As a result of this experience in my life, I have taken back the power that I lacked as a child, and know within that I can protect myself as I choose not to react to fear, terror, and anger that this supervisor tries to elicit within me.  I have the choice to react differently this time around in my life. May you take back your inner power, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Photo source: earthangels-angeliclightworkers.com



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