The Love for Rejection


As adults who suffered from childhood abuse whether emotional, physical, or sexual, we develop patterns of love for rejection and hurt.  During formative years of our lives as children, we develop our bonds of love with our parents, and learn patterns of behavior around this love.  Once that pattern is established within our emotional landscape, we become hard wired to this pattern. So if our patterns associated with love is abuse that involve rejection, hurt, violence, manipulation, and control, then that is what we associate with love as adults.

This pattern then repeats in our adult lives, and we become habituated or addicted to this pattern of what we associate as love.  The first step to any change of patterns and transforming our lives is awareness and acknowledgement of this pattern in our emotional landscape.  Lack of awareness will cause us to repeat this pattern over and over again in our adult lives.  Our lives become filled with disappointment, heartbreak, pain, and suffering without realizing what is happening to us. We may even treat others with rejection, hurt, and manipulation without awareness as this is what we have learned and believe to be love.

I have experienced this repeatedly as an adult due to my childhood abuse without even realizing what was happening to me. Even when I forced myself to stop this behavior, I was drawn and pulled back to this pattern as I am hard wired this way. The next step is to heal our past emotional wounds from this abuse and trauma as I have used “Emotional Release Practice” found at this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  You can use other modalities of healing as well if emotional release practice does not work for you, such as yoga, Reiki, journaling, art therapy, music therapy, etc.

To change our patterns of this hard wiring in order to transform our lives to a healthier one require healing the emotional wounds and trauma within our emotional landscape.  Once we heal these past wounds, then we can develop healthier patterns and behaviors with the people in our lives without repeating that old pattern of our love for rejection and hurt.  May you find healing from your past, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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