On Changing Perspectives

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During the past few days, I have experienced quite a shift in my perspective. How I view others are beginning to change so dramatically, and I believe it has much to do with my own inner changes.  As I change internally, I see the world so very differently.  Those who I perceive as abusers or enemies are beginning to fade away as I feel less and less like a victim.

My new perspective is not through rose colored glasses, but with a more realistic view.  I believe how I view others now is who they are more like in reality.  Earlier, I perceived others as abusers or enemies, now I see them as benign individuals and do not assume the worst in others in fear of being hurt again.

As I build my own self esteem and worth, I am better able to set healthy boundaries with others, and thus, this fear is dissipating.  It has been such a surprise even to me by my own reactions due to this new perspective.  I am beginning to see the good in others, although I am not naive when others are truly trying to injure me, as I am realistic and will take the necessary actions to protective myself.

Seeing the positive in others does not mean that we don’t see the negative in others. Earlier, I simply didn’t know the difference as I never learned to see the world through clearer lenses.  Healing love and light.(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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