Unlearning Fear


Recently, someone was sent into my life to show me something about myself.  What was reflected back to me was something I don’t like much about myself.  I have struggled with jealousy, co-dependency, poor boundaries, and possessiveness for most of my soul life, and I know it originates from my heart chakra blockage likely from emotional injuries to the heart over many lifetimes.

I believe this person was sent to me to show me this part of myself.  I appear to do fine with those I don’t have a great attachment,  but for those I feel very attached, this becomes a big problem for me.  She was my Reiki practitioner, but she began to become enmeshed in my life by asking about my personal interactions with others, wanting to get together outside of our sessions, and wanting more than a practitioner/client relationship.

First, let me say that she is a wonderful and talented practitioner of Reiki and bodywork, but she lacks proper boundaries, and is a co-dependent like me. She became quite jealous and possessive when she found out that I am working with others for my spiritual and healing work, and demanded to know if I intend to continue with them. This is when I decided to terminate my work with her, and began seeking another Reiki practitioner.

After this experience, I realize that I too drive away those who care for me by my jealous and possessive behavior. It is caused by fear of loosing those I love, but ironically, the result is exactly what I fear that is I drive away those I love, and I loose them anyway.  Our fear is our worst enemy, as what we fear most will likely happened as that is what the fear will attract under the Universal Law of Attraction. (Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

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