Breaking Free of Co-dependency

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When we reach a place of independence in our lives, we begin to feel emotionally differently than in our past.  These differences will feel slight in the beginning, but even these slight differences in feelings can begin to dramatically change and shift our lives.  These feelings begin with a feeling of detachment that occurred after I practicing for over three years Emotional Release practice and Observing Ego practice both found on my Blogsite Homepage under these tabs.

These feelings may feel like indifference of others or situations, but they are not.  We still feel love and concern for these individuals, but we do not need them to continue to remain in our lives. Let me give you an example.  I have several individuals in my life who continue to stay in abusive and harmful relationships and situations.  In the past, I feared losing them in my life, so I tolerated their dependency behaviors as I too was a co-dependent.  If we stay in these relationships and situations with them, we become enablers of the abuse of our loved ones.

Co-dependency spreads like a web, when we continue in co-dependency relationship as they frequently are abusive, destructive, and  harmful to us whether we are directly injured or we become enablers to allow our loved ones to be injured.  This spreads from co-dependent relationships to co-dependent relationships, and so on.  There is no good that comes with co-dependency.  The only way out of co-dependency is to cope with our fears of losing our loved ones, and when we face our fear of loss, we can break free from the cycle of co-dependency.

If others choose to remain as a co-dependent, then that is their choice, as only we can make choices for ourselves and get ourselves out of the cycle of co-dependency.  May you find freedom from your co-dependency.  (Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with all rights reserved)



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