2 thoughts on “Rock Bottom”

  1. Hi- I was wondering if you could help..I have been on a bumpy spiritual journey for over 10 years…I have had certain spiritual non physical experiences that have kept me searching..Last year I had to give up my life in UK…gave away everything I had to return to Canada to care for my dying father in my sisters home…both of which I have a turbulent relationship with…It was horrific but educational..I bathed him, cared for him 24 hours a day for months…When it was over and I have now returned to London with nothing…Sleeping on my Uncle’s floor..trying to stay positive even though my family don’t contact me I have no money or job…I try to stay positive and Know it will all get better but I am on the verge of collapsing…A few weeks ago I had very strong occurances during meditation- I have researched this and know it is my Kundalini..I am going with it…and trying to help it..It is active all the time and trying to break through crown-even now as I sit in a coffee shop..weird. I sometimes think its humorous and feel sorry for it because it’s trapped…I am at rock bottom and don’t know how I am going to deal with my physical world problems …I am trying to move through all the problems and emotions but I am afraid to feel bad as I think this will attract more negative…Feel trapped and lost…Can you help?

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