Reflections in the Mirror


I survived!  I am a survivor of childhood abuse, and sexual and physical violence and stalking as an adult.  For most of my life, I was surrounded by predators and abusers.  Many exploited my emotional wounds from childhood.  These predators not only exploited and abused me, but other wounded victims as well.  Abusers and predators are themselves emotionally wounded, but have chosen to hurt others to feel more powerful.  I saw these individuals in the act of harming others, and when I confronted them to stand up for myself and others, they became angry, combative, and even violent.  Now, I am no longer a victim, but a survivor.

After the rise of my Kundalini energy, I realize that I now serve as a mirror to others, and I reflect back the darkness within them.  When they see themselves in the mirror, they are horrified, and project this darkness onto others.  Therefore, they see others as horrible, terrible, and evil people.  The truth is that this darkness and evil are actually within them. This projection is our mind’s way of coping with bewildering and unacceptable things about ourselves.

This mirroring also occurred to me as I saw myself as a victimized woman, terrified of people, and fearful of being injured again.  I pacified my abusers to seek love and care from them, but that is not what abusers do.  They use our vulnerabilities and weaknesses against us.  My abusers made me question my intuition, told me I didn’t know what I am doing and saying, lied to me, and manipulated me for self gain.   Over the years, these abusive situations became worse and worse for me.

This all changed when I began healing my emotional wounds in the past five years.  I began to stabilize my Kundalini energy and increase my vibrational frequency by healing my emotional wounds through emotional release work, ego observing practice, yoga, Reiki, body work, acupuncture, meditation, Qi Gong, music, art, and dance therapies, breathing techniques, among others.   I share these techniques and methods in the tabs on my Blogsite Homepage.

Now, I no longer attract abusers and predators into my life, and I don’t even attract those who are still attracted to abusers and predators.   I realize now that birds of a feather flock together, and I no longer flock with those birds any longer. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

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