Truth for Healing


I currently am taking a vacation, and have an opportunity to reflect upon the above meme that I saw recently, “Truth is the basis of all healing.”  With the recent violent shooting in Orlando, I think it is appropriate to speak about my own healing work. Healing begins within each of us, and this healing will be shared with all humanity.

My story began with sexual abuse as a child by my father and as an adult, I was sexually assaulted and abused by the men I dated and frequently engaged with dysfunctional men and their affairs or spouses.  About five years ago, I met an artist who gave lessons near where I live.  Very early during my lessons, he told me about this married woman with whom he appeared obsessed talking incessantly about her. I recognized that he has the same sexual dysfunction as me. Because of this dysfunction, we became involved which broke up my own marriage.

Throughout our four year relationship, this woman interfered by calling, texting, and FB commenting and messaging him.  It became a hot mess of chaos, hurt, and destruction. Sadly, both these people hold themselves out to the rest of the world as spiritual and awakened people because they are Kundalini active.  What caused this destruction were the lies they told me and their families, and the lies they told themselves.  They told their families and me that they were only friends, but they failed to tell his family that she was already married or that they had sex with each other.

When you lie about your marital status and the foundation of the relationship is based on lies, then there is a problem.  It was the lies that hurt me more than the actual affair that they carried on for over seven years.  When they lied to me, they blamed me for calling them out, and vilified me for telling the truth. This man also sexually assaulted me and gave me a deadly sexually transmitted disease as he has had a multitude of sexual partners. He accused me of playing the victim when I stood up and wrote about him in my blog.

There is irony in my story in that this man’s wife found out about his various affairs including the one with her and other women he met on the Internet. About six years ago, his wife threw him out of their home and divorced him.  Over a year ago, this woman’s husband also ran off with another woman with two children, and left her with limited financial support.  In the past, I would have reveled in the pain and chaos of the lives of these two people.

However, with healing of my own emotional wounds, I feel sympathy for the pain they have endured.  The truth is that when you cause pain to others, you shall feel the same pain.  This is the Universal Law of Karma.  Nevertheless, they have suffered greatly as I can feel their intolerable pain as an empath.  Although they are never welcome in my life, I have forgiven both of them for their deceitful actions and behaviors, and send healing love to them.   In the end, they suffered more than what they did to me as they lost everything they love including their families, financial security, and even their livelihood.

These are our lessons in life, and healing begins with telling the truth instead of continuing to tell lies.  My responsibility in all this was that I engaged with these two people in the first place and allowed this destruction to continue in my life for four years.  My lesson here is never to engage in this type of chaos, hurt, and destruction again, as I caused much pain to the people I love.  Thank you both for teaching me this life lesson that I could not learn on my own.  I wish you both well, and hope you find the truth in your life for your own healing. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

6 thoughts on “Truth for Healing”

  1. Thanks for sharing. It takes courage to talk about such things especially so honestly and with such self awareness. I commend you for acknowledging your role in allowing these people cause such destruction in your life. Recognising your own self destructive behaviour patterns is an important step in effecting change in my experience. My mother always said, ‘people will treat you, how you allow yourself to be treated’ I always try to remind myself of this if I feel like I am on the receiving end of sh1t. It reminds me that I have power to change the situation and it empowers me to value myself and stand up for myself and say, I am not going to accept this any longer, I deserve better. Good luck to you on your healing journey. Stay strong and brave and let your light shine. Namaste.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and supportive comments. This experience in particular was life changing for me. These two people replicated my childhood experience when I was repeatedly deceived and blamed for the abuse I suffered. It was the only way my parents and now these two individuals could cope with their reality. They helped me overcome my past so I can live a different and healthier future. Sending light and peace to you!

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