Only When We Are Ready


It has been a long journey for many lifetimes for me, and never being ready.  However, now I am finaly ready to truly help others with their healing.  It has to do with non-reaction to others’ behaviors, actions, and comments about us.  When we heal ourselves, we no longer operate in our smaller selves.  We are centered, nonreactive, and have sufficient self esteem to feel good about ourselves irrespective to what others think, do, or say about us.

Our energy resonates at a higher vibration, and negative vibrations are no longer resonating in sync within our energy fields. When we finally reach this place, our own emotional wounds and injuries will no longer interfere with our interactions while helping others.  For example, I have observed many emotionally wounded individuals including Kundalini active ones helping others with their emotional healing.  Because they are resonating at the same frequency as those they are attempting to help, they become emotionally, sexually, and romatically involved, and unaware of the unhealthy and harmful involvements with others.

This involvement is both destructive and harmful to others and ourselves.  We can destroy our own lives, by committing betrayal against our loved ones, engaging in extra-marital affairs, and becoming involved in chaos and drama.  This is both self destructive as well as harmful to the very people we are trying to help.  Think twice before entering into such a situation. If you are not ready to help others, just admit that you are still not ready.

Case in point: in my early twenties before I began intensive emotional healing work, I attempted to work with abused and neglected children.  Because of my own emotional wounds, I was regularly triggered by the physical, sexually, and emotional abuse that my clients suffered.  As a result, I left that job as I was totally unprepared and unable to do this kind of work.  Many years later, I returned to work with sexually and physically assaulted college students only after much healing took place from my intensive healing work.

It is better to admit that we are not ready then to do harm to ourselves and others.  It takes wisdom and self awareness, albeit difficult, to make these admissions to ourselves. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

One thought on “Only When We Are Ready”

  1. It has purpose…so that we can truly ‘see’ us. All of our encounters are two way journeys, even if just to mirror that we are ok.
    A big journey…and a truthful one. Being truly at peace within is that final adjustment of truly loving ourselves…and ‘knowing’ it. It then allows you to release it, and just be the beautiful you that has always been there, patiently waiting for that understanding 🙂

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