Living as an Empath


Living as an empath has its drawbacks.  One is not knowing if feelings I am experiencing is mine or others.  Recently, I experienced three episodes of anxiety attacks while with my Twin Flame.  One of these episodes occurred near an art gallery where I felt horrible pains in my chest and in my heart chakra of emotional pain and hurt.  I ask my Twin if he had a negative experience there, and he described that a gallery owner earlier rejected his art work .

On two recent hikes together with my twin, I felt panic attacks when we were discussing about his artistic and musical pursuits.  The first episode involved anxiety with tightness in my chest, and difficult breathing.  The second episode involved tightness in my chest and nausea.  When I described these feelings to my Twin, he expressed that he had been experiencing nausea in the morning for about a year.  During each of these episodes, I sense thoughts of not being good enough or unworthiness.

I am in the process of understanding why I am experiencing feelings of panic and anxiety.  Are my feelings of unworthiness being triggered within me?  Since he is my twin, we have similar emotional wounds, so am I merely mirroring the negative emotions of unworthiness, lack, and insecurities?  As I am energetically connected to my twin, am I experiencing his symptoms of panic and anxiety?

I sense that he blames others, particularly women for his feeling of inadequacy.  Are we both blaming others for our own feelings of inadequacy?  Maybe this is simply a mirroring of two Twin Flames trying to unravel our issues that are intertwined.  I continue to struggle to understand what is actually happening.  If you have any insights, please feel free to share and comment below. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

7 thoughts on “Living as an Empath”

  1. You are both mirroring. Any connections that are made, twin flame or not, will show you…you. Especially those love relationships, they will draw you in with rose colored glasses so that you can ‘connect’ and not run away at the first sign of a problem. Otherwise we would be dropping relationships like hot cakes. And then that connection asks you to look within to try to heal what is happening between you, and in doing so you begin to ‘see’ what you are truly doing at a deeper level. As you have already said, you have many emotions from what happened as a child, many insecurities that you ‘unintentionally’ push onto others. The very act of asking something of someone because of your fear, is actually pushing them away. Find what is your biggest trigger, usually what upsets you the most, and ‘see’ it with your relationship with your parents. That is where it is, the real deeper reason. As a child our coping strategies are very immature so all we can do to protect ourselves is build walls, and in doing so we actually block the real reason we put it in place. We don’t want to blame the very people we love and look up to (our parents) so we block the fact that those people we love are rejecting us….so up comes the wall. And as we grow older we actually forget why the wall is there, and as time goes on we then just avoid those situations that are painful…hence the building and building of our fears. But to go through them we need to truly ‘see’ the ‘why’ and understand them. Understand them and the fear just naturally falls away. Fear is just not being able to understand something…the reason you were being rejected by those you thought loved you as a child. They were all you had…and that rejection by how they treated you, holds you in that fear pattern.
    I hope you can talk quite deeply in your pain within this relationship and ‘see’ that he is the very thing you need to ‘see’ your heart, and what holds it. Just as you will be for him. Talk, but it must be done truthfully or your not doing either of you any favors because any truth will be swayed by ‘smoothing’ any rough bits over. It must be the actual feelings said and exactly how they make you feel. Not only does it get to the truth much easier, it also builds trust because you ‘have’ been truthful.
    I hope you can both build that love, one based on your truth now, no longer being held by an ‘untruth’ of fear. It will set you free…to love truly, no longer a prisoner of what went before. Good luck…and remember…the real truth, not fears truth.

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    1. Very profound insights. We have already begun this deep discussion and trying to understand that we are two sides of the same coin. How we resolve this is the true test of our love, strength and endurance of our relationship. Sendimg love!

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  2. How do we really know we have met our twin flame? All brand new romantic relationships have the potential to “feel” in the beginning as if they are the most extraordinary of any we’ve ever had, pregnant with amazing possibility. I would imagine that only time would tell who might actually be our twin flame and who is someone we are just working more stuff out with. That might offer relief to the pressure of making it work with someone who may not, in fact, be that entity for us.

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  3. I have struggled with this my entire life. It is very complicated. If you can feel the emotions of another person then it is difficult to differentiate between theirs and yours. The only way I can do it is to seperate myself from that person and see if the same feelings can be evoked within myself with no trigger from being near another person and feeling them. The only way I can do this is outside, in nature, on the ground, by myself. I breathe. Then I reflect on if those were really my feelings at all. Usually they are not.

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