Signs of Twin Flames


Many have commented and questioned about my Twin Flame relationship.  These are the 14 signs and symptoms of Twin Flames relationship based on my personal experience as follows:

* Synchronicity and organic initial meeting (we met in person in Cinque Terre, Italy        when we both live in the United States)
* Sexual experiences together are tantric (dual energetic circuits)
* Rise of Kundalini energy during the journey together
* Able to feel each other’s emotions and experiences from the beginning (energetically        and emotionally)
* Similar life experiences and emotional landscapes although different races, ethnicity,        and cultures
* Incredible compatibility (best friends)
* Intense sexual and energetic connection ( intense sexual chemistry)
* Time stands still during our journey together
* Similar core values
* Similar spiritual journeys
* Similar professions
* Similar interests
* Similar lifestyle
* Similar tastes and preferences

These are the 14 signs and symptoms that I have experienced with my Twin Flame while others may experience other connections .   Although we also may experience these symptoms between two Kundalini active individuals, the compatibility and similarity between the two individuals are likely to diverge in their values, professions, interests, lifestyle, tastes and preferences.  Every Twin Flame experience is slightly different, but the similarities outweigh the differences.  It is both a compatible existence, but also a sexually intense connection.

The key to Twin Flame success is the ability to communicate about the intensity of this relationship, and working through the spiritual and emotional hurdles we face together.  My twin and I spend time each day to share how we are progressing on our respective spiritual journeys and our emotional healing progress.  We talk openly and authentically about our fears and how to work through the darkness we each face.  Twin Flames trigger each other’s emotional wounds, and reflect back to one another our darkness and lightness.

When I address my concerns about my twin, I am truly addressing my own injuries and wounds.  Whenever issues arise between us, I know I must do my own emotionally healing work just as he must do his work.  We are working hard and progressing forward together as his Kundalini energy is rising now, and his emotional work must be done in order for this Kundalini rising to be smooth and without so much physical pain and discomfort as it was for me.  (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

8 thoughts on “Signs of Twin Flames”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Congrats on having a functional Twin Flame relationship. It is relatively rare occurrence here on Earth due to people neglecting their own personal clearings. I will mention here that Twin Flames physical love relationships do NOT as a rule exist. Twin Flames are the physical manifestation of ONE soul essence, male and female. In 5d and above you WORK with your Twin Flame if appropriate to each other’s chosen soul journey. Archangel Michael and his Divine Complement, Lady Faith, are just such an example. AA Michael has a mate, Lady Astrea. And frankly, I find the emphasis on achieving a Twin Flame relationship is quite a distraction for most lightworkers who should be clearing and integrating their own past lives and negativity. Work on self FIRST and perhaps then, if it is part of your Soul Contract, you will meet with a compatible Soul Mate.

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    1. Thank you for your kind reblog. I would agree that physical twin flame relationships are relatively rare on Earth. However, there are more and more twin flame reunions on Earth who have similar connection as mine, particularly with Kundalini rising experiences through this twin flame connection. My twin flame and I have been on separate spiritual journeys, he for 7 years and me for 6 years with Kundalini prior to our physical reunion in 2013. We still are on our respective journeys of emotional clearing and healing. As a lightworker myself, this union has caused me difficulties, but we are working through them. Sending love and light to you!

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      1. A friend of mine and Star kin, as well, was married successfully to his Twin Flame. He has now ascended and is reunited with his Mate. His Twin is still embodied and in the process of re-blending with her Higher Self. For a time, a walk-in, who is in fact her Twin Flame, remained in the physical vessel of her husband who ascended. Unfortunately, due to poor health, the vessel failed and the walk-in had to return Home. You are, indeed, one of the fortunate few to experience an actual successful Twin Flame relationship. Blessings…

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      2. OMG! its great to read authentic twinflame posts these days – like wise with the phyisical connection in 2013,my kundalini took me down different routes in 2016 it decided to rise,unfortunatly there is so much on twins now i personally find it overwhelming – and truth is there are so many people ,young females jumping on the myth thanks to social media posts and articles on twin flame who know even less than the people that are being taken in by is harsh to say but it is infact true! i feel very uneasy about the message going out right now that seems to have a rise in vunrable females putting up with dameging relationships misguided by love is no new thing – but jumping on the twin flame concept exuses that behaviour away and inacurate info is glamourisisng it

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