When to stay and when to go?


How does one know when to stay and when to go? How do we make the decision that enough is enough? Are there signs? Does the infinite show us the right path?

This is true for every relationship, job, situation, and friendship. Do we need to let go? If so, when do we let go? This is the perpetual question I have in my life.

Many times I stayed too long. Many times I did not stay long enough. This is where I am much of my life, at the crossroads.

As I stand at the crossroads once again, I look for signs and open myself to the messages from the infinite. I hope to find guidance soon! (Copyright 2019 awakening journey with all rights reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

11 thoughts on “When to stay and when to go?”

  1. We all ask ourselves this question when we know that life without someone is more luring then life with someone. Or you have those who stay when they know they should go… ppl who stay because of $$ things, guilt, they should be asking themselves… this… So, you will stay because the value of something is worth more than there own life? Because of money? How much you dont have? So they stay and become more difficult more toxic and more hardened all because you feel what? Then you have men/women young spoilt, even culture invested they stay because mum and dad and brother and sister stayed? The instant you put $ , thing, culture, traditions, guilt, dishonor in a sentence even children when and what cost do you think it is worth if you stay?

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  2. Children watch parents, behaviors, ups, downs, the see, feel everything, the worst bit here… ALL CHILDREN, will blame themselves think its there fault and will carry it until they are old… life is so short be kind, be human, and be the best version of yourself and hug your kids and tell them it is not your fault… tell them they are loved

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  3. We always hang on in each and every relationship kind lady…until we understand what it is that drives us…that fear that holds us tight. And when understood it lets us go because we are no longer attracting those very situations that held it in place. They keep coming up in those relationships because we are afraid to face the very thing that they create, so prolonging it that when we finally understand, the relief is beyond measure, the love that it finally releases is beyond measure…because it is the love we have been looking for all our lives…our love. And each and every one of those relationships are given with great love, even as angry, fearful or painful that they are…so that you can find you, and that love gently waiting within.
    Face it, understand it, and you are free ❤
    How? It speaks to you whenever you become upset or angry within those relationships, whether a partner or even a friend do things that upset you. They will always have a common thread that shows you the way. They will make you feel rejected by their actions, and the one thing that upsets you the most is the one thing that you can follow back to those you loved and looked up to as a child. Usually a parent, or both, who have unintentionally passed their fears onto you because they too were brought up with those very things and know no better. And because you are a child your emotional handling capacity to cope with that rejection is very limited so you do the one thing that we all do…you block it, avoid it, and as time goes by you create this barrier and block out anything that creates that pain. And all of your relationships come knocking on that wall to try to set you free. And as painful as it can sometimes be, it is that very pain that will show you an incredible beauty when you finally break through and find a heart as unconditional as you have always searched for.
    Yes we do hang on and let go, hang on and let go…because each step brings us closer to that moment when we are truly free. Just follow your heart as best you can, because that very path with its ups and downs is bringing you home. And yes we do need both sides of the coin so that we can truly understand what we will eventually find.
    If I was to give you $100 every week for nothing you would just spend it without a thought, but if you had to work hard for that money…only then would you consider its worth in what you spent it on. When you truly understand your fear and see your heart for the very first time, only then will you understand its worth, and the empathy and love for yourself because of what you endured for that very journey.
    May that discovery bring laughter, love and light…and an unconditional that is a love like no other ❤

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    1. Thank you for your insights! My reoccurring dream as a child and later as an adult involved my attempting to save many children in my childhood home that was on fire. For my entire adult life, I tried to save the children, and maybe it is time to let go of that fear.❤️

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  4. And maybe beneath that is a self worth thing, as in your not feeling like your doing enough or what you do give is not acceptable to you or others. Ask yourself how do these situations make you ‘feel’ inside, what is the pain/hurt doing to you. In there is layer after layer hiding that pain from a lifetime of dealing with it by hiding it because you don’t want to face that hurt and pain. And as strange as it sounds, we do this as a child and as we grow up we actually forget what the original hurt was because of that refusal to bring it up, even to ourselves.
    But you are right if that ‘save the children’ is constantly there, inside that will show you your path.
    Love and light for your journey, may your path be lit to find that love within ❤

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