New Perspective on Trust

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After many years of life lessons on trust, I learned that trust is earned.  No one deserves your trust without showing you that they are worthy of your trust.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  I trusted my parents who are untrustworthy as they subjected me and others to sexual, physical, and emotional abuse from a young age.  Clearly, they are not worthy of my trust, but I never learned this hard life lesson until recently.  Although I have forgiven them for their trespasses,  I have not forgotten that they are capable of great harm.

This is the tough life lesson I learned.  In order to move past my trauma, I must forgive those who hurts me, but I must never forget that they are unworthy of my trust.  Since childhood, I allowed many people to violate, hurt, and abuse me.  When I forgave them, I also forgot what they did to me, and allowed them back into my life.  Forgiveness of those in our past does not mean they are now worthy of our trust, and will not hurt us again.

As I move forward on my journey, I am discerning who are trustworthy.  I find most people hurt others unintentionally caused by the emotional pain and injuries from their past.  Others, however, have shown to hurt people quite intentionally and deliberately, such as narcissists, pedifiles, sadists, etc.  These individuals hurt others to satisfy their urges, desires, and impulses.  The difficulties is discerning who’s who.

Trust is such an innocent and wonderful experience, but once the trust is breached then it is difficult to mend, and unlikely to repair.  However, the one thing you can trust is faith in yourself and your journey forward.  (2019 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

2 thoughts on “New Perspective on Trust”

  1. I have always been trusting of others as a default. I feel everyone deserves my trust until they prove otherwise. I often find that people will be kinder to me than they are to others just because I trust them. Not all though. But by basically laying myself out there, I find out in a hurry what people are about. If they can’t be trusted I want to know as soon as possible and if they can’t be, then they need to scoot and not linger around waiting to pounce.

    Yes, trust and faith in oneself is very key. Often in this spiritual stuff many people think that trust and faith are about the Divine, but I think it’s more important to have trust and faith in your “Mini Me” to actually hear and follow Divine Guidance. We all have what it takes. Knowing that helps to make it so.

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