Living through the Higher Self


Living through the Higher Self is still somewhat new to me.  I have been ruled by my ego for so long that I was lost to my higher self.  New revelations have come to me as a Reiki practitioner.  I recently began volunteering at the local hospital’s cancer center, and working in private practice.  I am learning to love my clients without condition, and that means I will not accept their money if I do not believe Reiki treatments will help them.

I began practicing Reiki in 2012 for my own healing, as my chakras, meridians, and energy field were quite blocked from emotional and physical trauma.  In 2016, I heard the Infinite telling me to prepare to become a Reiki practitioner so I became certified as a Reiki Master.  However, still in 2016, I did not feel prepared for this mission.  Because I am able to feel other’s pain by touching them, I had to deal and address my own fears of feeling their pain.  As you know as a Reiki practitioner, I need to touch my clients.   So began the eight (8) years of hard work of dissolving the energy blockages within my energy field.

After eight (8) years of hard work, I now feel ready to share my energy field with others, and feel the ability to empower them.  However, many are not ready for Reiki therapy, since Reiki energy requires the client to accept and take responsibility for their own healing.  I, as the practitioner, serve only as a channel for this healing.  One private client came to me with the hope of healing her from domestic violence with Reiki, but she continues to focus on the external world to heal her, convinced that the newest new age practice will cure her problems.  The hard work of healing occurs within us, and no amount of external forces can cure us.  Therefore, I referred her to Reiki classes so she can begin to take responsibility for her own healing, as I believe this is for her highest good.

In contrast, immediately after my certification in Oncology Reiki recently, a cancer client came to me at the hospital for Reiki treatments.  She is ready, willing, and able to move forward for her own physical healing as she is a cancer survivor after her cancer spread and returned.  She is fighting for her life, and taking full responsibility for her healing.  I am so incredibility grateful and privileged to assist and support her in her healing, as she is the most determined, resilient, courageous person I know.  As I provide Oncology Reiki to her to build her immune system, alleviate her side effects from treatment, and support her stress management, I channel all the love energy from my heart to her without conditions. (Copyright 2019 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

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