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In early March, 2011, I had the most miraculous awakening experience during a meditation practice. It is difficult to describe the overwhelming feelings of this experience as my awakening was sudden and dramatic. As I awakened, my higher consciousness directed me to the inner healing of my energetic blockages in my chakras and meridians from emotional trauma that I suffered as a child and later as an adult.

I first began my quest for healing when I was 20 years old in college. After an abusive relationship in college, I entered psychotherapy and recognized that I had been abused as a child and continued this pattern of behavior with others as an adult.  I was diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I began my search for a better and healthier life for myself. Later, my awakening revealed my unhappy life full of rage and hurt, working in unfulfilling jobs, and experiencing repeated failed relationships. I wanted a second chance for myself, and believe it was this intention that caused my awakening experience.


As I began to awaken, I experienced blockages in my chakras, and meridians throughout my body. This manifested in pain that caused me to be unable to get out of bed. I sought energy healing such as Reiki Therapy and holistic healing practices to heal my energetic blockages. For the first time, I clearly heard my inner voice from my higher self who guided me through this difficult process, albeit with my ego fighting me the entire way. My experience revealed my suffering, emotional traumas, and destructive behaviors.

After healing many of my emotional wounds, I began to release my ego, break through my illusions, found my life’s purpose, and recognized my own truth and reality. Miraculously, my symptoms from major depression, general anxiety, and PTSD simply disappeared. To my surprise, even my physical ailments, such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, bruxism (teeth grinding), lock jaw, and eye twitching vanished as well! I also began to attract different people into my life, met my husband who is my soulmate, and found my life’s purpose. This miracle is available to all who seek it and are willing to follow their healing pathway.

Our egos create illusions that we must overcome. The ascension process forces us to confront our ego and release it, heal our emotional wounds and pains associated with our smaller selves, and come to accept our own truths and reality. Without working through this ascension process, we are unable to ascend spiritually, and are stuck in a physically and emotionally painful existence as our chakras and energy bodies are blocked from stagnant negative energy.  I believe this is one of the most difficult parts of my journey that is to confront my illusions and reality.

We all have the potential to heal and ascend and to live a freer, less burdened human life. One does not need to be awakened to seek healing and spiritual ascension. In fact, this healing and ascension practice may actually initiate the awakening process. In this blog, I will share with you my continuing healing and ascension practices through conscious awareness, releasing the ego, changing our beliefs and perspectives, and changing our conditioned behaviors.

Sending love, light, and peace to you!
Brooke Chang

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114 thoughts on “Meet Brooke”

  1. Hi dear I want to go with you please can you help me find myself, my chakra Is blocked and I’ve been struggling to over come my fears. Where do I start? And all of your testimonies that I’ve read so far,is what I also experienced in my life and still are. I need closure


    1. First, give yourself permission to be where you are right now, since we are all where we are until we are ready to move forward. I recommend practicing Emotional Release Practice to help you with your blocked chakras at:

      And Observing Ego Practice to cope with your fears at:

      These are my two basic practices that I mastered, and integrated into my daily life. Once you have done these, I have tabs on the Blogsite Homepage with additional practices to further help you on your journey. See how you do with these two practices first. Good luck! Sending healing love, Brooke.


  2. you are interestingly curious in your desire to maintain anonymity about your physical identity. This is perhaps a way to express your transcending of ego and thus not important to readers. You are genderless and ageless and formless. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I find my physical body and ego identity no longer express who I am. My soul has lived as men and women of different races, national origins, and religions, and I believe these are fictional identities. Sending light and peace!

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  3. That is truly amazing story in fact i felt I was listening to someone i know, i felt sounds odd that i understand what your talking about, yet, i am not sure, you brave person, sounds odd that i say that because you already know that, however, it would not be me if i didnt tell you myself xx


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