Overcoming Karmic Relationships

I am sharing about how to overcome karmic relationships as I have had my fill of them. These relationships can involve lovers, friends, co-workers, and anyone we encountered.

Karmic relationships are filled with chaos, drama, selfishness, addiction, and conflict within us due to the nature of them. These individuals generally do not support our happiness. They also  create a strong draw within us, resulting in on again, off again relationships.

No matter what we do, these relationships don’t seem to work, because they are not intended to last in our lives as they are our life lessons. However, once we learn our life lesson, we will let them go. Letting them go requires our intention: it’s that simple.

Even if you have left difficult karmic relationships, you will be tested, as I have been recently. They feel the same each time. For me, these individuals are difficult people with lots of angst and strong smaller self filled with self doubt, low self esteem, and emotional injuries and pain. When we meet them, we have an instant sexual attraction to them. Don’t be fooled and stay away!

Once we let these people go, we experience a miraculous transformation in our lives. Your refusal to learn your life lessons and let them go will keep you stuck emotionally and spiritually.  It is this letting go that must happen to experience a new and transformed life.

Don’t hang on as you are the great beneficiary of this letting go.  May you find your path forward! Sending love and blessings!(Awakening Journey copyright 2017 with all rights reserved.)

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