Gifts for My Mission

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During my most recent spiritual practice, I have become aware of hearing thoughts and experiencing others’ emotional states.  In the past, I was aware of feelings and intentions, but it has evolved into hearing specific thoughts and experiences.  When I began hearing other’s thoughts and actually experience their emotional states, I wonder why this is happening to me?  As an empath, maybe this is normal?

The first person I experience these symptoms was my twin flame who has ADD.  I began to feel his ADD symptoms and condition which I have never experience before.  As I experienced these symptoms, I used this experience to problem solve how to cope with these symptoms then shared them with my twin flame.  He responded that it was helping him with these symptoms.

I also began to hear his thoughts quite clearly just as he is thinking of them.   At first, they were specific words.  Later it became complete thoughts and concepts.  Now, I am able to hear the thoughts of others as well. I have been using this ability to assist me to do my job to help college students after sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment as I am able to hear their thoughts since many cannot express their pain and trauma.

Maybe this ability is intended to assist me to help others overcome their pain and suffering, and empower others during their time of need.  I am grateful for these gifts from the Infinite, and hope that I have the wisdom, courage, and strength to carry out my mission to empower others to heal themselves. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



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  2. The more we open from our fears, the more sensitive we become. It seems to be in proportion to where we are at, creating the balance of what we truly are underneath it all.
    It can become out of balance where we can ‘hear’ others, but because we haven’t developed the integrity and love that goes with it, we will use our ego’s instead, and then attract to us the lesson needed to ‘see’ that truth ❤

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    1. My apologies, I did not word that sentence very well. I did not intend for you to think I meant ‘you’ were out of balance because you can ‘hear’ others, just the possible circumstance.
      If all is balanced we will ‘hear, see and sense’ perfectly, as your journey has quite beautifully guided you to do ❤

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      1. Thank you, Mark. I do not take any offense to your kind intentions. Sending blessings and peace!

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