Self Healing through Reiki

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Since beginning my Reiki private practice, I have been performing self Reiki to make sure that I incorporate self care into my practice.  Usui Mikao, the founder of Reiki died of a stroke four years after his awakening on Mt. Kurama which manifested his ability to heal with his hands.  Subsequently, he created the current day, Reiki practice and taught it to many students, as well as healing four or five clients at the same time during these four years.  However, I believed that he was not diligent in self care that may have resulted in his death through a stroke. His story is a life lesson for all Reiki practitioners.

I have been providing Reiki therapy for my twin flame who has the same emotional and physical issues as me.  Therefore, after treating him, I would treat myself on the same issues.  Since performing self Reiki, many fears and buried emotions have come to the surface.  I have been experiencing nightmares regularly, disrupting my sleep nightly.  They deal mainly with self doubt, fears of failure, and fears of the unknown.  In these dreams, I do not feel at peace, and feel agitated, and unsettled.

It’s so ironic that I just spoke to a dear friend recently, and urged her to let go of any fears of the unknown, failure and self doubt.  I really was speaking to myself on these same issues.  I truly believe that once these fears are released then we begin to manifest what we need and want in our lives.  It already has begun for me, through finding my Reiki private practice, uniting with my twin flame, and finding my way to true joy and happiness in my life.

This new place feels quite foreign to me, since I am changing my negative behaviors, letting go of my expectations, and living in the present.  I anticipate that when this new place becomes the norm for me, I will settle into deep peace and joy within.  (Copyright 2020 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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  1. I am also Reiki practitioner. This is useful information.

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    1. Thank you for the reblog! Sending peace and light!


    2. Thank you for the kind a blog. Blessings and light to you!


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