Grief and Loss during the Coronavirus Crisis

Grief and loss is a human response to attachment to people and things, and it is a natural response for all humans. During the Coronavirus crisis, this is particularly true when our loved ones may become ill or die from Covid-19. Rituals are created in each culture to help humans mourn our losses. However, during the Coronavirus crisis, funerals are not permitted or advised, so we must individually mourn our losses in isolation.

During this crisis, because the spread is common among family members with whom we interact, more than one member of the family may become ill or die during this crisis. We had a death of a parent in our family, and I could not physically attend the burial and no funeral service took place. This means no cultural mourning was available to allow us to grieve as a family.

This grieving has triggered my past losses, as well as the loss of friends from no contacts with them. Two close friends never returned my calls or texts for over four months, even after I texted them about the loss of a family member. I have decided to cease following up with them. Letting go is a difficult process and I must grieve now for this loss too.

This week has been a week of grieving for me. When I set the intention to let go, and cried deeply, I felt this amazing release in my body. My shoulders, back, and neck were very sore and achy from holding in all the pain and loss. I know I must release this pain, because long term grief can harm the immune system, and cause heart attacks, cancer, tumors, ulcers, anxiety, depression, and suicide. I believe I suffered from grief and loss that I never released as a child.

Another helpful action I took this week was to get off Facebook. I informed my FB friends to contact me alternatively if they need to reach me. This has had a wonderful effect on my overall well being. Drama, gossip, and chaos on FB is not intimacy or friendship. It is a false sense of closeness with virtual strangers, and this dynamic creates extremely toxic energy. We can feel and absorb others’ rage, anger, pain, distress, fear, and judgments. I am cleansing myself from this toxicity now.

Instead, I have been spending time nurturing my Hummingbird and Bee Zen garden, grounding in nature, and spending time the outdoors. Grounding with the earth, creating new life, and spending time in nature is the beginning of my cleansing process! May you find peace and harmony during the Coronavirus crisis. (Copyright 2020 Discovery in Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

Flowers from my Zen Garden

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

8 thoughts on “Grief and Loss during the Coronavirus Crisis”

  1. The situation with the virus is most certainly asking us to change in many things. And sometimes hard things, but I know beneath it all is a ‘let go’ of many parts of our lives that will free us from an old way of being.
    Facing it is the most difficult. And the ‘creative’ energy of your garden has moved you forward, you are no longer ‘reacting’ to the old ways.
    Take a bow, you have faced you…and become more free in heart and mind because of it ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Wow that’s been a long time! I found you again since moving my blog! So catching up a little and reading now your loving and wise words about grieving, which this corona virus has given us the opportunity to embrace and release all the wounds of the past. To step up our intentions to flow through these end times and prepare to celebrate our birthing new earth, right here! I’ve just written a big article on corona virus as so much information on MSM is so fear mongering I had to go and research the truth! It makes me feel better that the light has won, but the dark are playing one last claim on everyone who doesn’t own their own power! Lovely to be here again and look forward to seeing you too. sending you love, Barbara x

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