Light along My Path


With visions of my past fading behind me, I wave with a somber smile blinking back the tears. It is the old and the familiar, but it is no longer my life. The light draws me near, closer and closer to the unknown. Like winter turning to spring, my heart lightens with every day with the knowing that each day brings new peace and joy never experienced or felt before.  My heart races just a little faster with anticipation.

This can be a lonely journey as I walk alone in search of my future not knowing the outcome or who will be my companions. The journey is meant to be alone with only angels and my higher self to guide me.  The nights can feel long when inner darkness descends, and I question my path. Then, light shines on my soul guiding me forward, and I am peaceful again when my fears are silenced.

On good days, my soul trembles with joy, and bliss resonates within me.  I can soar forever above all confusion, fears, and sadness. It is these days that bring such deep peace and love within me with knowing that all will be well, and my path is for me to find with signs along the way.  I say a prayer and smile with this deep knowing as I blink back my tears of joy.  Infinite love and light to you, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

3 responses to “Light along My Path”

  1. Thank you for the kind reblog and share. Blessings dearest one, Brooke


    1. Sincere thanks for sharing my post with others as this one is a special post for me. 🙂 Brooke


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