Revealing Ego


During my most recent emotional and spiritual work involving ego, I have come to some revelations about myself and others through observing ego.  Most people are unaware of ego, including myself before my awakening.  Many of us will drive ourselves to illness, compulsion, and injuries from the excessive drive of ego.  Ego helps us become “successful” in our societies as our world sees success and achievement through doing more, doing it for longer, doing it faster, and of course, making more money.

Many speak about ego and its need to control everyone and everything around us.  Our world is the perfect reflection of our collective ego, as we need to control our environment, the weather, nature, and its resources.  To control and conquer our world is the mantra, particularly in Western societies, but all societies are following suit.  Ego is not necessarily a bad part of our psyche, but at some point during the human evolutionary process, it became a dominant part of our psyche. Negative emotions from fears, our need to control, our need to dominate, and our need to judge others to be right all arise from ego.

The ego identifies our smaller self from others, and protects us from those who we perceive to harm us.  This has occurred on a global level with terrorism between the Christians and the Muslim, the Jews and the Palestinians, and the Irish and the English.  Major world wars have been fought over this.  This also is true on a personal or individual level when children are abused or traumatized, then they perceive others who may also injure them as adults. In each of these instances, ego drives us through these perceived fears.  Without awareness of ego’s fears, we simply will act upon and react to these fears.   I am not talking about true dangers, such as taking precautions when we are about to be mugged, or a dangerous animal is about to attack us.

Awareness of ego, and observing ego’s fears, and its need to control, dominate, and judge others will help us begin to ease the drive of ego.  Please see the “Observing Ego Practice,” tab on my Blogsite Homepage on the step-by-step process.   When ego is released, the perception of our world will become completely different, and we no longer will act upon or react to our ego’s fears.  It is a truly liberating experience to live free of ego.  Sending blessings of light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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3 responses to “Revealing Ego”

  1. We all have egos, and mine is pretty good sized! 🙂 Brooke


  2. I love the fact that someone [You] is also looking in a similar direction as I.

    SO many pieces of life are influencing us at this point in time to act from ego. It is our choice to either be governed by it, or learn to navigate out of it by choosing to respond with love. Love and fear are the only two choices that govern Soul direction. History will repeat itself over and over, for the only reason to give us a chance to choose love over the fear of ego.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom on this subject, and only with awareness can we overcome our own collective ego. Blessings!


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