Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies


As we proceed through the ascension process to reach full awakening, balancing of the masculine and feminine energies are necessary to reach alignment with our higher selves.  Masculine and feminine energies exists in each of us.  Our Divine within already has the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies.  When Shakti (Divine feminine/yin) and Shiva (Divine masculine/yang) unite within us, we experience Divine Oneness or nonduality.  That balance is already within our soul, it is a matter of returning to what we have forgotten after our souls have taken on emotional hurts and wounds over the course of many lifetimes.

Because of our emotional experiences, we may have developed a stronger masculine or feminine polarity.  For example, for those who have been abused as children, a stronger masculine polarity may develop to protect the injured child within.  The above and below charts provide the differences between masculine and feminine energies. We intuitively know within ourselves whether we have a stronger male or female polarity.

.Masculine_Feminine_Continuum_Final_Outlines-1024x647 (1)

The key is to balance our energy in order to have a balanced union of the Divine feminine and Divine masculine.  I have been trying to balance my masculine and feminine energies since beginning my spiritual journey, and want to share some practices with you as follows:

1. Meditation with sincere desire to know our Divine selves.

2. Shifting our thoughts into positive creation and manifestation through awareness of our emotional and mental states.

3. Expanding the heart chakra to radiate love vibrations through being less judgmental, opinionated, critical, competitive, and fearful.

4. Transcending ego through divinely aligned behavioral patterns, and releasing negative reactive patterns.

5. Unblocking and balancing the chakras to expand and infuse loving spiritual energies of the higher self through energy healing modalities such as emotional release work, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong.

6. Asking through prayer for Divine assistance, and spending time with others who are actively working on their vibration and tapping into heightened spiritual energies.

May you find balance in your masculine and feminine energies.(Copyright 2013 Burrowing Owl Press/Brooke Chang with All Rights Reserved)


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