Learning about Letting Go


In recent months, I have begun the letting go process in earnest, and this is what I have learned. The biggest influence in my willingness to let go is coming to the reality and my own willingness to admit that there is nothing I can do to change how someone treats me, behaves towards me, or feels about me.  I have absolutely no power to change any of this.

This was a hard reality for me, and it took quite a while to come to terms with this.  The truth is that how someone treats and feels about us is less about us and more about them.  There were times that I could not understand why someone would not love, appreciate, or care about me.  It is quite simply, because it was never about me.

 I began to realize no matter what I did, what I offered, what I was willing to give up, or how much I loved or cared about them, it simply did not and could not change how others treated or felt about me.  When we begin to understand this, we finally are willing to give them up and move forward without them.  We can still send love to them and wish them well, but they will no longer remain part of our lives.  This is what I have done with both my parents, and I finally let them go.
Not too long ago, someone said to me, you don’t need to relive your past to heal from it.  The reality is that we continue to live our past over and over again in our soul lives, until we let the past go and heal from it.  Even when we will ourselves to live healthy lives, we continue to deviate in our lives as the draw of the past will continue to cause us to gravitate toward that negative past.  For instance, we may engage in extramarital affairs, continue our addictions, and continue to engage in unhealthy drama, sometimes in secrecy to hide that negative past.
This is the harsh reality of my truth, and when I am willing to take a hard look at my own truth, I begin to change my own behaviors, decisions, and actions.  I finally have come to acceptance that I cannot change my past, but I must let it go, and then I move on without those from my past and without bitterness or anger because this is what is meant to be. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Photo source: Art work by www.ihanna.nu

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

2 thoughts on “Learning about Letting Go”

  1. This is a beautiful message! I can relate to what you have written. It takesa long time to reach acceptance and to let go from a place of love and compassion instead of anger and bitterness. Blessings to you on your healing journey.


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