Losses Along Our Journey

Article by Brooke Chang, Pathway to Joy and Healing

On our spiritual journeys, we experienced many losses along the way. I’m on the 12th year of my journey, and have experienced many losses on this path. I believe losses are an inevitable part of the healing and growth process. As we heal, our vibrational frequency change and become higher. This is the growth that we experience through changes in our behaviors and choices we make that are for our higher good. Another development is that we attract different people into our lives since like frequencies, attract like frequencies. Unfortunately, we also are no longer attracted to those we earlier attracted, since they no longer vibrate at our frequency.  As such, the earlier attraction falls away.

During my journey, I left an earlier marriage, changed my career, and found my life’s purpose. These changes were the result of my emotional healing and growth process. This process also prepared me to meet my current husband who is my soulmate, and for a career that allowed me to help many college students with emotional traumatic injuries. As a result of this healing and growth, I feel happier and more at peace, and finally found my pathway forward.

Many friendships and relationships from earlier periods of my life fell away.  Frequently, it was not I who left the friendship, but it was my friends who no longer felt comfortable around me.  I no longer exhibited the needy, injured, and victimized soul with whom they had become familiar.  My healthier boundaries, demand for respectful treatment, and taking back my power by taking responsibility for myself, made them uncomfortable. In other words, we had outgrown each other. The losses, nevertheless, were still painful and difficult.

One friend, who I met a decade ago when I was just beginning my spiritual journey, was kind and caring toward me because she had suffered greatly in her life as well. Her understanding and compassion helped me during that time. However, a decade later, I am substantially stronger and more healed, but my new found strength and health didn’t necessarily resonate with her, and our opinions conflicted. Our perspective differed and the approach to our lives diverged. It is so hard let go, but this process allows us to further ascend. Many may feel compelled to revert back to their former selves to maintain these relationships, but deep down we know it is not for our highest good. As we navigate on our spiritual journeys, we know forward is the direction we must travel.

Many of my earlier friendships and romantic relationships also were illusory. My earlier emotional needs created these illusions because I did not feel worthy or strong enough, and feared being alone. Nearly in all these relationships, I was the person making plans, sending gifts, emailing, and texting to maintain the relationships over the years.  The truth is that they never were reciprocal relationships or one that I’m willing to accept today.

We can’t hang on to our past and move forward at the same time, because this baggage becomes too heavy for us to carry forward. It is this healing-letting go-growing-ascension process that propels us forward and helps us ascend on our spiritual journeys. The fear of letting go only keeps us stuck in the same emotional state. It is this fear that prevents us from living this new life we deserve. Send unconditional love to those you let go, since this letting go simply is accepting what is in our awakened reality. (Copyright 2023 Brooke Chang with all rights reserved.) 

Author: Brooke Chang

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a healing journey to a more joyful life. I will serve as your guide on this healing journey sharing my insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you will join me!

3 thoughts on “Losses Along Our Journey”

  1. Our higher selves know exactly what we need and will gently…ok, sometimes we need a little nudge…to take a step forward. It ‘knows’ our hearts path and wants what we want anyway. That love and happiness in accepting ourselves. It just happens to be ‘through’ some things that teach empathy, courage, compassion and oh so much love. Great post Brooke 😀❤️🙏🏽

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